Archive for February, 2011


“Little Fish” by deviant artist SeaFairy. I love the underwater theme with the colors. The cool color palette gives you a feel of the ocean, but the colors blend so well it almost seems somewhat monochromatic.


“Stars” by deviant artist oOo-Jassy-oOo. Even though it’s obviously photoshopped, I like how the poly amorous stars contrast against the desaturated background.

“Pork. Sword” by deviant artist nobeak. I like that color choices all have the same saturation to them. They work really well together with his type choices and linework.


“Bayonetta” by deviantartist Genzoman. Great use of colors, effective complimentary colors between the ground and sky.

“Dying Flower” by deviantartist reverie thoughts. I thought the colors against the dark background were gorgeous.

“The Warden’s Bright future” by deviantartist NorthernBanshee. 1200×939 pixels. I like the use of complimentary colors between the outfits and the earth and sky.

“The Deadly Grin” by deviantart Beloved-Creature. This monocromatic neutral illustration with a hint of it’s tertiary yellow is defininitely a stand out piece to me.

“Sailor Moon” by Soichiru-Alan. Another piece that combines good technical and color choice skill. The use of the primary colors in this piece is refreshing enough where I don’t feel overwhelmed by any of the colors.

“micromacro” by deviantartist Rodulfo. Oil on canvas. A good mix of warm and cool colors. I think the placement of yellow among the blue was really successful.

“Fancy” by deviantart artist DeaDNess. 1200×1465 pixels. I love polyamourous color schemes, so I’m really fond of this piece. I think the colors work really well with the black linework.