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Exercise 4, 5, 6

Practice with more colors and illusions


“Sophia’s Bubbles” by artist Mark Ryden. I’m a really big fan of his style and concepts of his work. An interesting monochromatic piece I find hard to look away from.

“Ferris Wheel” by deviant artist B1nd1. I liked the complimentary color choices and I thought that the ferris wheel lights were very pretty.


This amazing video shows a digital painting by pixiv artist AG+ took a year to make. Not only is the composition amazing, but the color choices and placement of characters is phenomenal. ¬†Whether you are a Zelda fan or not, you can’t deny how amazing this piece is.

Exercise 1, 2, 3

Reverse Ground Contrast

Three colors look like two

Simultaneous contrast

I started this project thinking I wanted to do color contrasts, so I decided to do saturation contrast. I used photoshop to color the piece after inking the drawing, then I switched the color palettes for each girl to contrast with the others. Each piece has a color that is used in another piece, so that they can tie together. I honestly just had to experiment a lot with the color choices for each one. In the end I came up with what I’d like to call a powerpuff girl color scheme. They are each monochromatic with a analogous color dispersed throughout.

Overall I had fun with it, It was fun drawing practice and an interesting way to look at color.

“Crimson Hardcore” by deviantartist redjuice999. Very monochromatic color scheme, but it works well with the linework and lighting.

“Rukia Facing Death” by deviantartist KeelerLeah. Gorgeous colors on this one.

“Let the Right one In” by deviantartist Lone-Momo. I thoughts the colors were great considering the artist mostly used the primary and used tones and shades of them.

“Jin – where are they now” by deviantartist Brolo. I really loved the layout and rich color choices in this one.