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Piece by deviant artist Litte-Rachel. My favorite color scheme!


Palettes for class

Peter Max

German born Jewish American known for his iconic 60’s style. I just recently found out about him. I really love his polychromatic color style. Psychedelic.

I honestly wish I could have found more information about Audrey Kawasaki. She’s pretty well known in the art world, but not a household name yet. I had a lot of fun just going through her gallery and blog. It really made me appreciate her work and technical skills even more. I think it also helped me grow as an artist, because it helped me realize what other elements I want to put in my work.


Project Responses:

Maya Hayuk (presented by Rochelle) I really enjoyed this work. The bright colors and designs were phenomenal to me. It looks like she has a great sense of color and the polychromatic themes of her work just naturally drew me in.

Tamara De Lempicka – I loved her story and her lifestyle as much as I enjoyed her work. She just seemed like a very interesting/exciting person and her work was very well crafted.

Robert Villamagna – I honestly wasn’t very fond of his work. It was interesting in it’s own way, but I didn’t appeal to me like the other artists I saw. I think he has a good sense of color, and his abstract approach to things is interesting as well as marketable.

“Ice” by deviant artist Bamuth. I really love the intense saturation of the colors as well as the lineart.

“Evil Twin” by deviant artist bamuth. The pink and purple hues go great together especially with the lineart.

“Overwhelming” by deviant artist Dorset. 430 x630. The analogous colors always look great together, and the different shades of red are so pretty!

Audrey Kawasaki was born March 31, 1982. She studied two years at Pratt then left without completing her degree in fine arts. She was told that her infamous style would never develop a career.

The themes in Audrey Kawasaki’s work are contradictions within themselves. Her work is both innocent and erotic. Each subject is attractive yet disturbing. Audrey’s precise technical style is at once influenced by both manga comics and Art Nouveau. Her sharp graphic imagery is combined with the natural grain of the wood panels she paints on, bringing an unexpected warmth to enigmatic subject matter.

The figures she paints are seductive and contain an air of melancholy. They exist in their own sensually esoteric realm, yet at the same time present a sense of accessibility that draws the observer to them. These mysterious young women captivate with the direct stare of their bedroom eyes.

Kawasaki has been in over a dozen hows and has been considered a phenomenon in Los Angeles since her debut in 2005.

Album Cover for Alice Smith’s For Lovers, Dreamers & Me.

OctoGirls (2006)

Horn Girl (2006)

Flower (2005)

Ude (2003)

Chelsea & Boy (2006)

Come Play With Me (2007)

In the Forest of Sleep (2008)

Mayakashi (2010)

I Won’t Forget You (2011)