When I start off doing any project, I always think of what I’d like my final piece to look like. It’s like a vision, of what I expect the piece to be when it’s done. When I first started off with this piece, I wanted an eerie green and yellow color screen with metallic colors to help her stand out with her armor.

My mood also affects the way I color or draw a piece. I colored this over a weekend where I felt really relaxed, so in turn the color palette changed. As I started using more blues, I realized for the background that I wanted it to be underwater. Water is the ultimate form of tranquility to me, so I felt that that should be used for a piece I already considered relaxing.

As I added more blue to the piece, I realized it seemed a little too overwhelming. I enjoy monochromatic color schemes, but I like to break it with something that stands out. I tried to only use different saturation and hues of the primary colors, and it seems like in this piece it was somewhat successful.

It’s hard for me to think about color in the way most people expect you to. For me, color is based on my emotions for the day, which is why I usually wear neutral or calming colors. Color is wonderful to think about, no matter how you choose it, and in my opinion, the more color, the better.


A polychromatic soul.