Category: Comic

#4-Designated Disaster

This night was some bullshit…and only got worse…

…that being that there was this broke down tranny who was receiving many and much pleasure by these old mexicans dudes. Pre-op mind you. They were so drunk, they couldn’t tell. I ain’t hating on tranny and all, if you got your stuff going on, you go girl, but damn, not everyone in the place needs to see it. I will never go to the leg room on division ever again. The name of the place should have been a dead give-away of what kind of stuff goes on in there.


#3-It’s a choice, right?

Dyed my hair since my last post, also turned 22, other than that, everything else is pretty much the same, especially the being single and made fun of for it part.


Updating frequently I see is gonna be tough with my school schedule this year…but I know I can do it! I’m still excited with this, but I’m thinking of taking the comic already in a somewhat different direction….


The first strip! I’m hoping to understand placement and toning better as I go along.