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Alphonse Mucha

“Summer” by Mucha. One of the artists who could bring me to tears with his beautiful lineart and diverse color palettes. So many of his pieces use color vibrantly that they are extremely memorable.



“Crimson Hardcore” by deviantartist redjuice999. Very monochromatic color scheme, but it works well with the linework and lighting.

Semester start up.

I haven’t posted on here in a few months, but I will be for my color theory class. Since I last posted I started a tumblr art/rant/random blog, finished another semester of college, applied for the Japanese language and teaching program and slept..or at least tried to. I guess I’m still just trying to figure out who and what I am, what I wanna do and what would make me happy before I graduate, but since that will be at the end of this semester, I better figure it out soon. So enjoy, criticize..what have you.


Hello everyone!

Welcome to “Perplexed Youth”…it’s kinda a diary/random art/placement for inspiration and so forth.