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Maxfield Parrish

“The Garden of Allah” by another infamous artist named Max Parrish. The warm color scheme mixed with fantastic detail and lineart help this piece stand out to all it’s viewers.


“Arrow Dress Shirts and Collars” by infamous artist Leyendecker. I love the warm colors in the dress, the border and cool colored jewel in the middle. It all ties together very nicely.

The first piece that really stood out to me and I liked was Jim Nutt’s “Cotton Mouth”. I’m a big fan of green, so it really stuck out to me. The use of that and contrast with the warm colors was really pretty and successful to me. I’m also a sucker for patterns.

Second piece is Nutt’s “Wee Jim’s Black Eye”. The monochromatic cool grey scheme works well with his linearts, which I actually liked better without color.

Saving the best for last. Paul Nudd’s “Dr. Soumoles”” was awesome. There is so much going on, but monochromatic scheme mixed with different hues and saturations of the green color family help make it all stand out and help you focus on different parts of the body.


Piece by deviant artist Litte-Rachel. My favorite color scheme!

Palettes for class

Peter Max

German born Jewish American known for his iconic 60’s style. I just recently found out about him. I really love his polychromatic color style. Psychedelic.

I honestly wish I could have found more information about Audrey Kawasaki. She’s pretty well known in the art world, but not a household name yet. I had a lot of fun just going through her gallery and blog. It really made me appreciate her work and technical skills even more. I think it also helped me grow as an artist, because it helped me realize what other elements I want to put in my work.


Project Responses:

Maya Hayuk (presented by Rochelle) I really enjoyed this work. The bright colors and designs were phenomenal to me. It looks like she has a great sense of color and the polychromatic themes of her work just naturally drew me in.

Tamara De Lempicka – I loved her story and her lifestyle as much as I enjoyed her work. She just seemed like a very interesting/exciting person and her work was very well crafted.

Robert Villamagna – I honestly wasn’t very fond of his work. It was interesting in it’s own way, but I didn’t appeal to me like the other artists I saw. I think he has a good sense of color, and his abstract approach to things is interesting as well as marketable.

“Ice” by deviant artist Bamuth. I really love the intense saturation of the colors as well as the lineart.

“Evil Twin” by deviant artist bamuth. The pink and purple hues go great together especially with the lineart.

“Overwhelming” by deviant artist Dorset. 430 x630. The analogous colors always look great together, and the different shades of red are so pretty!