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Art tumblr blog.

So I’ve had a tumblr for awhile now, and since school is over, I’ve been trying to just post as much of my art as I can. It feels nice to just put it out there for anyone to see. I’ve been doing these cute, erotic, psychedelic girls and just having fun with it. It’s funny that a lot of the posts I put on here for my color theory class have really helped inspire my color palettes, especially Peter Max. His choices are phenomenal. Then there are Haccan and Foo for their amazing details, and Nomura,  love his linework and style for KH and TWEWY….

I hope I can inspire others with my art one day as well. 🙂

Tumblr art blog


Final Project

When I start off doing any project, I always think of what I’d like my final piece to look like. It’s like a vision, of what I expect the piece to be when it’s done. When I first started off with this piece, I wanted an eerie green and yellow color screen with metallic colors to help her stand out with her armor.

My mood also affects the way I color or draw a piece. I colored this over a weekend where I felt really relaxed, so in turn the color palette changed. As I started using more blues, I realized for the background that I wanted it to be underwater. Water is the ultimate form of tranquility to me, so I felt that that should be used for a piece I already considered relaxing.

As I added more blue to the piece, I realized it seemed a little too overwhelming. I enjoy monochromatic color schemes, but I like to break it with something that stands out. I tried to only use different saturation and hues of the primary colors, and it seems like in this piece it was somewhat successful.

It’s hard for me to think about color in the way most people expect you to. For me, color is based on my emotions for the day, which is why I usually wear neutral or calming colors. Color is wonderful to think about, no matter how you choose it, and in my opinion, the more color, the better.


A polychromatic soul.

My work

For my last inspiration post, I thought it’d be fun to put up a piece of mine. A fan art titled “One More Time” for the movie “Interstella 5555” that was mentioned two posts ago. This piece still inspires me because it makes me want to get better with my lineart and color.

“Requiem by Japanese deviant artist Densen Maniya. This was the first piece of work I saw of his and I’ve been a fan since. The painterly feel is great along with colors that help evoke emotion to his piece. I really liked the composition of this one.

One of my favorite movies, that also involves another favorite artist and band of mine. Directed by Leiji Matsumoto, known well for Captain Harlock and Galaxy Express 999, teamed up with the french house duo Daft Punk (my most favorite band of all time! <3) to create a animated music video to the entire album entitled “Discovery”. It’s a great film filled with polychromatic color schemes and amazing music.

Another Japanese concept artist I really admire. Her color choices work great for whatever piece she creates and she puts colors that convey an emotion for each piece’s setting. Simply gorgeous.

Nomura is an amazing concept artist I’ve admired for many years. He’s most known for his work with final fantasy and kingdom hearts. He’s one of my personal idols that I hope I can reach someday.

I’ve loved this artist for a long time. Based in Japan, Haccan is known for doing a lot of character designs, game art and poster illustrations. A lot is of information about them is a mystery, I’m not even sure what gender they are. However, they are amazing with their color choices and lineart.

I recently got into this artist’s work. Onoda is an amazing modern illustrator whose works use color and lineart brilliantly. These two pieces stand out to me the most, using complimentary colors to help enhance the works.

“Happiness of Being Loved” and “Soon it will be cold enough”.

“Summer” by Mucha. One of the artists who could bring me to tears with his beautiful lineart and diverse color palettes. So many of his pieces use color vibrantly that they are extremely memorable.